Tampa General Hospital is closely aligned with several research sites and community affiliates to provide cutting-edge medicine in a variety of therapeutic areas. Driven by expert clinicians and leading technology, these participating sites offer exceptional patient care that provides valuable medical insight for researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

Tampa General Hospital has partnered with EmergingMed to offer personalized service that helps you find clinical trials that may be appropriate for your specific diagnosis, symptoms and treatment history.

What is a clinical trial? Clinical trials are research studies that test how well new medicines, new dosages, or new combinations of medicines work in people. Clinical trials measure the effectiveness and safety of new treatments compared to today's standard of care. Many doctors strive to improve current treatments and search for new and better treatments – that's why it is common for you and your doctor to consider both standard treatments and clinical trials each time you have to make a treatment decision.

How does the service work? We help you quickly search for clinical trials that match your specific diagnosis and treatment history. We recommend that you search for clinical trial options each time you have to make a treatment decision – including the first treatment. This service is completely confidential and free. This service is managed by EmergingMed and it does not share confidential information with anyone else without your explicit permission (read our Privacy Policy).

We encourage you to call 855-216-0097 to find your clinical trial matches today and to learn more about research. Our clinical trial navigators are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am-6:00pm. To begin the process online, select which trials interest you and a condition above then click "Search Matches."

Why should I be interested in clinical trials? Your goal is to find the best treatment available whenever you make a treatment decision. There may be a good standard of care for you – care that experts believe is appropriate for your specific diagnosis and treatment history. However, sometimes the current standard of care is not as effective as you and the doctor would like. Sometimes the standard of care works for a while, but then stops working. Sometimes there is no standard of care for your situation. At these times, participation in a clinical trial may be the best available option for you. Our service helps you understand your options today and to stay informed about all your choices.

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